Product info

Orchard Platform EV2 - electric or plug-in hybrid

Introducing a modern self-propelled platform powered by an AC motor. With our innovative drive system, we've overcome a significant limitation in such devices - low maximum speed. The AC motor boasts a high torque across the entire speed range, allowing us to propel the machine at up to 8 km/h, a sufficient speed for distances of approximately 5 km. Additionally, we equipped our platform with a two-axle drive engagement system, featuring limited-slip functionality, ensuring the longevity of both axles, shafts, and transmissions.

Why our product?

Fast technical service, a two-year warranty, high-quality components, attractive pricing... need we say more?

Bateries or Diesel?

Feel free to take a test drive; you'll form your opinion quickly on your own.

1, 2, 3 or 4 bins?

A two-bin platform is an excellent compromise. Not to big, not to small.......just perfect ;-)


  • AC Drive

    The AC drive is the latest trend in electric vehicles. High torque across the entire operational range is an ideal solution for a self-propelled platform, allowing smooth movement in the speed range of 0-8 km/h without the need for a gearbox.

  • Hybrid

    In this compact design, we found space to install a 2-cylinder B&S engine, which can be used to recharge the battery pack.

  • Eco Technologie

    The installed traction battery allows seamless operation for 12 hours. It can be easily recharged overnight and ready for the next day's work.
    The cost of 1 hour of operation (compared to a diesel engine) is up to 8 times lower.

Our team

  • Designers

    Robert Zatorski
    Jacek Kowalczyk

  • Automation Engineer

    Tomasz Lipiński

  • Automations

    Artur Pyrek
    Marek Szwed

  • Mechanics

    Marek Wrocławski
    Piotr Mudryk
    Witold Belski